Collected Juvenileness

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Cover: Collected Juvenileness by Jeremy Hinsdale
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A potluck of prose poetry, flash fiction and satirical memoir, Collected Juvenileness is author Jeremy Hinsdale’s humorous ode to misspent youth. From drug-addled teens to tricky zen masters to perverse TV anchormen, the dubious cast of characters that loiter in this chapbook all share one thing in common: they don’t have a clue. But we forgive them by the end of each short piece because their pea-pickin’ hearts are in the right place and their follies are never dull. Whether stalking America’s suburban wastelands or the drunken streets of Brooklyn, these miscreants are our spirit guides on a Dantean journey to revisit the awkward days of adolescence. All aboard!

For less than the price of feeding a pampered Pekingese cheeseburgers for a day you can own this mix tape of love songs for degenerates. What are you waiting for? Download the free e-book for EPUB or Kindle now!

Praise for Collected Juvenileness

– “It was ok. What’s a brony?” Jeremy’s Mom