So, I wrote a children’s book a long, long time ago? And now you can read it right here on the Internet! And if you’re an illustrator interested in a project call me!
Chester Sparrow’s Trip to Coney Island

Check out my new science-based word game Science Scramble. This game can be really tough, so know that as far as I’m concerned you’ll take home a trophy no matter what, ya freakin’ champion!

When it comes to Americans’ long-term economic well-being Ronald Reagan wasn’t the best. But what is his legacy when it comes to monkey movies? Let’s… find… out! Napkin Data: Ronald Reagan and Monkey Movies

Watching “Get Back” made me wonder: Was it possible to figure out which Beatle was the main composer of each song just by listening to it? So I made this Quiz: Who Wrote Each Beatles Song? to find out. Give it a try and see if you’re a true Beatlemaniac!

Note: “Who mainly wrote each Beatles song?” is a loaded question if ever there was one. This quiz is for entertainment value only!

Dig the new DinoMap, a paleomap of dinosaur discovery!


homeless dog

Take a gander at some of my photos!

heat humidity mapDataViz: Interactive Map: Daily Maximum Wet-Bulb Temperature (°C)

Livin’ la vida loca with Colonel Sanders: Speak, KFC

Daydream Texture still image

Take a space break and watch these Daydream Textures

Cover: Collected Juvenileness by Jeremy Hinsdale
My new chapbook of prose poems Collected Juvenileness has been published and is available on shelves throughout this website! Find out what all the hubbub is about and download the free ebook!

Four Freshmen memorial

It’s A Blue World: Getting Nostalgic at the Four Freshmen Convention

My experience at the twenty-fourth annual convention of the Four Freshmen Society, an organization devoted to supporting “the greatest vocal group in history.” Despite this appellation, if you’re not a fan of vocal jazz you may not know who the Four Freshmen are. Here’s the relatively short version of a long story.